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Automotive Locksmith

You might not think much about your car’s locks and keys while they’re working well, but once something goes wrong, suddenly you realize how important they are! These problems are pretty common, but luckily, there are locksmiths who specialize in solving them.

24 Brooklyn Locksmith has a whole team of these experts available. They are highly skilled and trained in the latest techniques of automotive security. If you have an urgent problem, they’re ready to fix it on the spot. If you want to make sure your car is 100% protected against thieves and vandals, they can do that too! We are a full-service, 24-hour locksmith company based right here in Brooklyn, and we are here for all your automotive security needs.

Car locksmith services

Is your car in danger? Our automotive locksmiths will keep it safe

Over 7,000 auto thefts are reported every year in New York City, not to mention the theft of valuables from inside cars or vandalism of parked vehicles. To protect your car, you need topnotch security for your car: strong, reliable locks and high security keys. You can get these and more only from an expert automotive locksmith.

Automotive locksmith work has many complications beyond normal work. Every car is different, and depending on the make and model, it might have a radically different locking system. Older cars, for example, have mechanical locks, whereas new cars usually rely on sophisticated electronic systems. Working with these requires both the background of a conventional locksmith and the skills of an electrician! Add to that the alarms and ignition, tied into the main function of the vehicle, and you’ve got yourself a situation that needs expert attention.

When you choose 24 Brooklyn Locksmith for your car, you are choosing a team of licensed, certified professional locksmiths with years of experience working with all types of vehicles. All of technicians are extremely skilled, and they use the most up-to-date tools and equipment. They will work with you to develop the perfect security plan for your car.

When to call a locksmith: common problems and how we can help

There are many situations that call for an automotive locksmith in Brooklyn. Here are just a few of the most common.

  • Locked out: It happens to everyone sooner or later, but it’s still so frustrating! You’re standing at your car, dig through your pockets for your keys and they’re just not there. Or you slam the door only to realize your keys are still lying on the seat. Fortunately, 24 Brooklyn Locksmith specializes in just these situations! Call us, no matter how late and night, and we will immediately send the nearest local locksmith straight to your location. They’ll safely open the door using air wedges and long teach tools to avoid any damage to your vehicle.
  • Key extraction: Car keys can break off in the lock or even in the ignition. If this happens, you will need a locksmith to extract the broken key and make a new one.
  • New car keys: Our automotive locksmiths can quickly make replacement car keys, including high security car keys, and program transponder keys.
  • Malfunctioning lock: If the lock on your car door isn’t turning properly, you should get help from an expert. The locking mechanism might be worn or dirty, or something might be broken inside. In any case, you want to get this looked at before it fails altogether!
  • Ignition switch problems: Many problems with the ignition can actually be solved by an automotive locksmith. If you’re having trouble starting your car, the ignition switch is overheating, or the warning lights on the dashboard aren’t working right, it could indicate a problem with the ignition switch, which our locksmiths can help with.

Why choose 24 Brooklyn Locksmith?

Not only are our locksmiths the best in the business, our entire model of operation is geared towards providing the best possible support for our valued clients. We operate 24/7, and our dispatchers are always waiting by the line. No voicemail or sitting around on hold when you’re in a tight spot! Our locksmiths are all fully mobile, and our innovative dispatching system matches every caller with the nearest available technician so help can reach you faster than ever.

With 24 Brooklyn, you can be sure you’re getting the best, most reliable services for your car, as well as the best rates in town. Whether it’s for emergency help or ongoing protection for your car, you can’t make a better choice.

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